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Da BoysIn January of 2008 the Fabius-Pompey (Fabius, NY) community invited the alumni of the 1956-57 school basketball team back to school. During the 1956/57 season, energized by the talent of Division I recruits Wes Carr and Jerry Antil, they had achieved a David and Goliath kind of championship status in tournament play and with the local media.

They were honored with a presentation by Fabius-Pompey School Board Members and Superintendent Tim Ryan, witnessed by a gymnasium full of community members spanning five generations. While some team members still live in the Central New York Area, others traveled from Canada, Florida and Texas for the reunion. In particular Jerry Antil from Dallas, Texas was so moved by the spirit of the community and reunion with classmates that he felt it could not stop there.

The previous summer Antil, born in Cortland, NY, returned to Cortland to attend the burial of his dear sister Dorothy. According to Antil , “As I stepped up to deliver a eulogy, I looked out into the audience and there they were, my teammates, The Boys of 56/57.They were there for me. Few of them knew my sister all that well, but they stopped what they were doing and stepped out from 50 years as though the bond of 1956 had called them back on court. They were there with me all day through everything”.

That experience, mixed with the expression of support felt at that winter’s reunion, inspired Antil and his classmates to give back. With a renewed team spirit they have formulated a game plan that will not only give back to their Alma Mater but reach out to Central New York and even beyond.

Under the direction of team captain Larry Carr, F-P alumni, retired Fabius-Pompey teacher, coach and athletic director and with the mentorship, of Antil, a Marketing Executive with Travelhost in Dallas, they have volunteered their time, energy, and resources to create the CNY Bread Run a gift from The Fabius Central School Basketball Team of 1956/57, affectionately called ”The Boys of 56/57”, to their community and beyond.

The CNY Bread Run, held in Fabius, NY, just 20 minutes south of Syracuse NY, is considered, not only one of the most beautiful USATF certified courses in New York State, but in so many ways, one of the best “run” races.
the wind at your back…
keeping you on pace…

Mile Marker Sponsors:

  • The Driscoll Family
  • Gene Fellows TSGT.AF RET
  • Leonard Bus Sales Inc.
  • Jesse and Eleanor Williams
  • Syracuse Securities
  • SRC, Inc
  • Bob and Mina Penoyer
  • H&R Block, Cazenovia, N.Y.
  • Cortland Press/Carbon Copies
  • Patricia and Philip Ondocin

Friends of the Bread Run:

  • Peter and Alice Doran
  • Rudy Schmid Auto Inc.
  • Mary D. Carr
  • Hayes Agency, Inc.
  • Bob and Mary Mol
  • The Pompey Club
  • Robertson, Strong, Apgar Architects, P.C.
  • Rick and Sue Sangermano
  • Tully Building Supply, Inc.
  • Kinney Drugs, Tully, N.Y.
  • Orchard Vali Golf Course
  • Shelly's Homemade Specialties, LLC

Bread Run Boosters:

  • First Niagara Bank, Tully, N.Y.
  • Dennis Coal and Stove Co., Inc.
  • Smith Egg Farm
  • Markey Dormer
  • Roy Smith
  • Anne and Jim Ryan
  • Skeele Agency, Inc.
  • Delphi Falls Golf Course
  • Sweet Basil Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Casey’s Farm Stand
  • Tim Hortons, Bridge St., E. Syracuse
  • Meadow Brook Dairy
  • Run/Walk for William