CNY Bread Run 9.24.17

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10 things you might not know about this race..

1. Fabius, NY is not at the end of the Earth…No excuses,

2. We’ve had a MAJOR CHANGE of scenery! New 15K Course . . . just as fun and fast . . . just a different point of view!

3. We promise to  keep the cows off the roads and  not spread manure that weekend. Roads will be closed for the race, so there will be no moooooooving over.

4. Our small town army of volunteers will treat you like a rock star…still more

5. Our post-race food feast is just that and has received five star reviews from world-renowned chefs that you have not even heard off.

6. Convenient packet pick-up at Fleet Feet, East Syracuse, NY, Saturday 9.23.17, morning to mid-afternoon. . other options

7. We have moved mountains to accommodate you. Muhammad Ali says, It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe. So check your shoes before the start and don’t’ worry about it. By design the course runs through beautiful valleys with majestic “mountain” views. The total elevation change CNY Bread Run Half Marathon Elevation Map is comparable to the Syracuse Half. And for Mountain Goat fans, its a run in the park.

8. Yes ,it is true this race was started by a bunch of old guys, from an era where “marathon” was only mentioned in Olympic years and running gear meant a pair of P.F Flyers…even more

9. Don’t wait ‘til the cows come home, register by 7.31.17 and the 15K Road Race is only $55. But that’s not the best part. The best part is . . . . .

10. We give really good cash prizes

If none of the above move you to participate, and you don’t even have a pair of P.F Flyers, donate $25 or more, which we humbly encourage, to a Central New York School through the CNY BREAD Run, get a t-shirt, join the festivities, hang out with the runners and live vicariously without breaking a sweat! And if you don’t even want to get out of bed that morning, go ahead and make a donation anyway. We promise we will think about you and your good deed all day long.

In closing one last thing to address: What the heck, does the name CNY Bread Run have to do with anything?…Explain

Look at is this way. There are two other ways bread fits into this scenario. You can win the “Bread”, in cash prizes, and give the “Bread” to schools throughout CNY in your registration fee. For a little history of bread and money click here.

Keep checking this website for updates. But if you just can’t wait or just want to talk send an e-mail. We will get back to you ‘cause the old guys do that really well.

Race Details

Race Day – 9.24.17

NEW for 2017 – 15k Road Course – Explores the roads South of Fabius by Toggenburg Ski Center and along the beautiful Fabius Brook.

5k Loop Course – See below for Details!

From Dave Oja, Central New York Running, LLC – “The new 5K course is a beautiful, rural, 5K loop that immerses runners in outstanding views of autumn scenery.  Running the length of Parker Road on a cool morning is a sensory delight not to be missed–especially in the fall!”

Starting Line is at the Fabius-Pompey High School. Mill St. Fabius, NY

Start Times:

Fun Run     8:45 AM
15K Road Race 9:30 AM
5K Road Race 9:40 AM

Both the 5K and the 15K courses are run on roads closed to all vehicular traffic for the duration of the races. They meander through some of the most beautiful country-side scenery Central New York has to offer.

Note: In reference to the 15K Road Race, participants should be prepared to maintain a minimum pace of a 15 minute mile. Our tail vehicle and course cut-off/diversion programs are used to ensure road re-opening timelines are met and participant safety is taken into consideration.


15K Road Race Awards:

$500 each top finisher (female, male)
$300 each 2nd place (female, male)
$150 each 3rd (female, male)

All finishers get  our “Really Cool There’s No Other Medals As Cute and As Fun” medals.

— and come in smack dab in the middle of the 15K . . . take home $100..(actually maybe that check would have to be mailed because in all fairness we have to wait until the last one crosses the line)

Win your age group and take a home a loaf of world famous homemade gourmet bread, straight from the Pompey Mall

5K Road Race Awards:

$250 each top finisher (female, male)
$150.00 each 2nd place (female, male)
$100.00 each 3rd (female, male)
and did we mention …All finishers get our “Really Cool There’s No Other Medals As Cute and As Fun” medals.
Top finisher in each 5K age bracket will be recognized during the awards ceremony and will take home a muffin of the world famous homemade gourmet bread, straight from the Pompey Mall.

Note:  Due to the rules of High School Athletics: High school athletes may not be awarded cash prizes.  Doing so will jeopardize participation on high school athletics in all sports.

Maps and Elevations
Click for Details
15K Road Course CNY BreadRun CNY Bread Run 5K Map
15K Road Course - CNY BreadRun   CNY Bread Run 5K Elevation
This is a 9.3 mi Run in Fabius, NY with a total ascent of 118 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,333 ft. A 3.1 mi Run around the Fabius Valley. The run has a total ascent of 64 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,300 ft.

Click here to Register

Convenient packet pick-up at Fleet Feet, East Syracuse, NY, Saturday 9.23.17, morning to mid-afternoon. . other options

Remember registration fee includes:

CNY BREAD RUN T-shirt ($10 upgrade to a High Performance Shirt while supplies last)

Great post race food fest!

Closed roads.

No wait or very short wait “go when you gotta go”  facilities

Plenty of water stations “drink when you gotta drink”

A  motivating home town crowd that will treat you like a rock star.

Great prizes and awards.

Easy packet pick up at Fleet Feet, Bridge St. Dewitt, Saturday 9.23.17 from 10-3, and 9.23.17 at the F-P High School, 4-7pm and again at the F.P. high school race day, 9.24.16, starting at 6:30am.

Convenient on site parking “count on em” shuttle service if needed. (But the short, very short, walk will be a good warm-up)

When you register sign up to support a school and proceeds from your registration fee will benefit that school.


2016medal Click here to go to the Registration site or to make an online donation.
15K Road Race: $55 by 7/31/17 -upgrade to high performance shirt for $10
$60 8/1/17-9/8/17 -upgrade to high performance shirt for $10
$65 9/9/17-9/21/17 -upgrade to high performance shirt $10 while supplies last
$70 race weekend -upgrade to high performance shirt $10 while supplies last
5K Road Race: $25 ($5 additional fee after 9/16/16)
Fun Run: $10 (family max $25)
Donate: $25 Make a contribution, get a T-shirt, help yourself at the hospitality tent and you don’t even have to break a sweat.

Convenient packet pick-up at Fleet Feet, East Syracuse, NY, Saturday 9.23.17, 10 to 3 pm other options

If you still believe the myth that Fabius is at the end of the Earth, we will be “enterprising” and pick you up on race day. So if you are interested in meeting us at Fleet Feet race morning, let us know at and, if we reach critical mass, we’ll send a bus.

Prefer to register, or make a donation, via US Postal Service. Download Registration Form here or send your tax deductible donation to CNY Bread Run, Box 57, Fabius, NY 13063.

Silent Auction – Community Dinner

Join us Saturday, in the high school cafeteria, from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM,  for a delicious Community Dinner catered by our friends at Orchard Vali Golf. We’re talking Chili, Mac and Cheese, Corn Bread, Rolls, Pulled BBQ Pork, Garden Salad, Cole Slaw, and Soup. Enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

Take a look over the amazing Silent Auction, right there in the cafeteria, for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or that special gift for yourself. 2016’s donors included a single person kayak, a 42″ HDTV, several Barnes & Noble Nooks, themed gift baskets, along with many gift certificates for travel, restaurants, treats, running gear and athletic apparel.

Dinnertime entertainment will be provided by BPS Pro Audio. Ben Stroh will be playing many of your favorite hits and there may also be live performances from the pool of Fabius-Pompey School’s outstanding talent. BPS Pro Audio - DJ & Pro Audio Professionals

Stay around after your race and take home some treasures. See what our 2016 Silent Auction Donors

 offered up. Here’s a look at the range of items from last year’s CNY BreadRun.

About Us

Da BoysIn January of 2008 the Fabius-Pompey (Fabius, NY) community invited the alumni of the 1956-57 school basketball team back to school. During the 1956/57 season, energized by the talent of Division I recruits Wes Carr and Jerry Antil, they had achieved a David and Goliath kind of championship status in tournament play and with the local media.

They were honored with a presentation by Fabius-Pompey School Board Members and Superintendent Tim Ryan, witnessed by a gymnasium full of community members spanning five generations. While some team members still live in the Central New York Area, others traveled from Canada, Florida and Texas for the reunion. In particular Jerry Antil from Dallas, Texas was so moved by the spirit of the community and reunion with classmates that he felt it could not stop there.

The previous summer Antil, born in Cortland, NY, returned to Cortland to attend the burial of his dear sister Dorothy. According to Antil, “As I stepped up to deliver a eulogy, I looked out into the audience and there they were, my teammates, The Boys of 56/57.They were there for me. Few of them knew my sister all that well, but they stopped what they were doing and stepped out from 50 years as though the bond of 1956 had called them back on court. They were there with me all day through everything”.

That experience, mixed with the expression of support felt at that winter’s reunion, inspired Antil and his classmates to give back. With a renewed team spirit they have formulated a game plan that will not only give back to their Alma Mater but reach out to Central New York and even beyond.

Under the direction of team captain Larry Carr, F-P alumni, retired Fabius-Pompey teacher, coach and athletic director and with the mentorship, of Antil, a Marketing Executive with Travelhost in Dallas, they have volunteered their time, energy, and resources to create the CNY Bread Run a gift from The Fabius Central School Basketball Team of 1956/57, affectionately called ”The Boys of 56/57”, to their community and beyond.